Smart Pinoy Prepaid Card in Macau

The Smart Pinoy prepaid card is exclusively distributed by Chinoy Express Stores. The prepaid phone card comes with a Macau local mobile number and a Philippine mobile number.

Free Value Added Services

  • Caller's Line Identification (CLI)
  • 2MB Free Local Data Usage
  • IDD and IDD050 Service with No deposit
  • 3G IDD Video Service with No Deposit
  • Automatic SMS Reload Alert and SMS Confirmation

Smart Pinoy Prepaid Card Activation

Insert the SMART Pinoy Prepaid Card into your mobile phone. When making the first call or sending the first SMS, the card will be activated.

Upon successful activation, you will receive an SMS informing you the mobiel number, current balance and expiry date.

Expiry Dates: Activation Expiry Date: You must activate the SMART Pinoy Prepaid Card on or before the expiry date indicated at the back of the car, otherwise CTM will not be held responsible for any loss and the card will be invalid thereafter.

Usage Expiry Date: The usage expiry date of the card is 30 days from the date the card has been activated or the value is recharged. The residual balance and mobile number will be brought forward and remain unchanged, repectively if the card is reloaded before the usage expiry date.